seventhcandle (seventhcandle) wrote in yourstories,

It's storytime!

This site is gonna get some pimpin' and exposure. Be prepared for the seeds to germinate, the words to ovulate, and the stories to sizzle. It's gonna be one HOT summer, and that's a fact. For real.

Ok, it's storytime. But not just any storytime. No! This isn't Mother Goose and Grimm. This isn't Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! This is YOUR time to shine! These are YOUR STORIES.

Here's this week's restriction: Pivot objects like briefcases, umbrellas, and lipstick, can help give your characters more character and personality. Choose your favorite pivot object and write a short story using the object to drive the story and characters.

So bring it on and we'll bring it back!

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