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writing with restrictions

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Writing with restrictions is undoubtably one of the best ways to enhance your writing skills and bolster your creativity.

The rules for posting/commenting in this community are as follows:

(1) If you are starting a new post, please indicate the type of story you would like to be written. You may include any restrictions you like, but please choose something. For example, you might say something like "write a story that never uses the letter 'a'" or you might post a picture of something and ask for someone to write a short poem about it. What you choose to do is up to you, but please assign some restrictions to it.

(2) If you wish to accept the challenge, then you may either post a reply in the "restrict me!" section or, if you feel that you might exceed the acceptable comment length (about 5000 characters, including markup), then post a separate entry indicating which challenge you are accepting.

(3) In order to post a story or challenge you must give feedback on another's story.

Anyone may post, but please follow the rules.

Best wishes! :)